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Buy beautifully crafted vapes at the best price. We have a wide variety of vape cartridges such as trudose carts, lazy ape carts, choices carts and many more. Buy thc carts online today.


Get Carts from top brands such as muha meds, trudose carts, lazy ape carts, choices carts and many more. Mega Carts Store is home to some of the most quality THC vape carts in the U.S. Due to the growing popularity of vaping, it is our mission to supply premium vape cartridges directly from the manufacturers. There are a lot of fakes claiming to sell authentic cartridges but most of these are ponzy schemes. We recommend you make purchase of you cartridges only from a licensed dispensary such as ours or from the original companies if you have valid contacts.

Trudose Carts, The ace of spades


Trudose is a new cartridge brand that is quickly growing in popularity. We in trudose believe in providing the highest quality carts at the best price.

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Trudose carts for sale

Trudose are a THC vape brand created in 2020. They recently started to grow in popularity in late 2021/2022. Their cartridges have a sleek design similar to other 510 thread cartridges. What distinguishes trudose cartridges from other carts is the purity of the live resin. The oil found in trudose carts is of 99% purity. The ecstatic and high feeling gotten from smoking this cartridge is long lasting and could last several hours. 

These cartridges are perfect for a nice relaxing day on the couch with friends as it will leave you giggling and soon passed out. Trudose have come out with a variety of flavors which include: Ace of spades, A.M.G, animal mints, baby yoda, biscotti, bruce banner, cereal milk etc. They’re also in collaboration with the New Jersy born American rapper/comedian Fatboy SSE and together they’ve come up with some hybrid flavors like the Lung smacker, Candy and Blue dog shit. These different flavor are made from different strain types (sativa, indica & hybrid) so it’s safe to say there is something for everyone.

When it comes to the trudose brand, there are over 21+ flavors available on the market separated into the various categories as listed. Yet all these products are lab tested for chemicals such as Mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents and this is to ensure the safety of consumers. Especially since the EVALI outbreak, regulators alike are super aware of the risks of untested vapes and cartridges. 

For authentic Trudose carts, visit our trudose for sale page for additional information on these products. You can also choose from the numerous trudose cartridges and flavors on sale.


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I had been looking for a supplier of these trudose carts for my little shop and had very terrible experiences until I came across mega carts store. They are simply the best i have worked with so far. Will definitely recommend!!
Marilyn Keller, Bangor ME

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